What I Learn From Work

Apr 29, 2023
After I worked 12 days consecutively, I felt extremely exhausted. So many thoughts pop up in my mind, and I have to write down this post for recording and rethinking. I hope you guys forgive my IETLS Band 6-level writing.

Project Management

The reason why I worked 12 days consecutively and overtime is the chaos of project management. My leader assigns new feature developing plans for us without thinking (yes, there is an 's' in it.). Most of the features were developed in one day. It's so wild but reality is it.
After that, I think I need good project management and a stable workflow to hold my back. Not everyone is a geek and builds a feature in one day consistently. Then assignments' priority should not be too dynamic because we have inertia about the coding context of other assignments. I think there are few people that switch your coding mind smoothly between other contexts in a limited time, CPU could, not me.

Repeat Work And Self Improvement

As a programmer, We should be sensitive about the repeat. Creating something and solving problems is most of the work. Not keeping copy-and-paste code that is judged redundant. That is low-level work and can be replaced by a bot or some automatic tools. When I reviewed my code from coding in that 12 days, I felt shame because of the code's quality. I think I would be replaced by GPT or other AI if I choose to keep coding at this level.
How to jump out of this situation? We need a period of time for self-improvement. Ask yourself whether your code is DRY(Don't repeat yourself) enough, or review some best practices from GitHub. Trying to design your assignments as a big one and then take apart some parts.


When I worked overtime, I got two questions on my mind. What value do I create in this job? What did I learn from this job? In my view, I learned a lot/ created value only from exploring solutions and designing a framework to deal with my assignments. After that, repeating work overwhelms me. And I can't see any value in it. The value of exploring is a treasure of yours which makes you irreplaceable.

What‘s Next

Overtime makes me tired and angry. Not only the chaos of project management but also I can't see any value I create from it. Next time, I would quit my job for what I really want to explore.
Thanks for reading and hoping you guys find out what you want. See you next time.

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